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SLH - Self-supporting arched halls
How to build quality structure in just few days?

Metal wear Baranček launched their own production of Self – supporting arched halls which are producing in USA and Canada for years. SLH are characterized by quick construction where expensive machinery, like crans, or specailly trained workforce are not needed. With our expert help, You are able to raise an object of 200-300 m2 or more for only few days.

This fast construction is possible becasue of elements that are made of special steel sheets. Steel sheets are made on production lines which form steel in elements in shape of arc.

All halls are made of standardized elements that determine their height and width.

Material used for making self-supporting arched halls is special steel sheet with increased hardness and thoughness and which is also protected with a special alloy of aluminum and zinc – ALUZINC. That protection allows him multiple resistance to corrosion compared to standard galvanized sheets.

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